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Monday, 22nd April
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Proportional microsize HV power supplies have improved voltage stability
Power Quality: 09 August 2012

UltraVolt announces its new PXS Series of proportional extra-small power supplies.

According to Ultravolt, vailable proportional devices challenge designers with poor output voltage stability and output voltage load regulations of 40% on some competitors' supplies. UltraVolt’s PXS Series of proportional extra-small devices has excellent load regulation of 5% as well as improved output ripple for a device of this type. The units’ small size 0.5 x 0.5 x0.4in (12.7 x 12.7 x10.2mm), ease of control, reduced input current and increased efficiency compared to other devices make the PXS Series optimal for applications such as hand-held devices, portable equipment, and other small high-voltage projects. More specifically, applications designed and optimized for the PXS Series include pin diodes, avalanche photo diodes (APDs), piezoelectric devices, and more.

The volume for the ultra-miniature PXS Series is 0.1 (1.64cc). Output voltages for the new line range from 50 to 300V for Unipolar models and +/-25V through +/-150V for bipolar models, at 0 to 1.5W of output power, with proportional or fixed output voltage. Excellent load regulation gives the PXS Series high efficiency - up to 90% - with 1000V of isolation from input to output. Either output can be floated up to 1kV or grounded to set polarity; no heat sink or electrical derating is required.

"These new devices significantly improve the power source available for applications involving galvanic isolation, extra small size, or battery operation. The PXS Series is the first of a number of isolated product lines that will progress to higher power, higher voltage, with expanded features and controls that enhance our offering to existing customers and open doorways for new customers to work with the experienced high-voltage team at UltraVolt", said James Morrison, CEO and Co-Founder.

PXS Series datasheet.


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