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Monday, 22nd April
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Shaped wire mesh tray increases surface area on cable pathways by 400%
Cable Management: 09 August 2012

Chatsworth Products has increased the surface contact area for network cables by 400% with the introduction of OnTrac Shaped Wire Mesh Tray. This dramatic increase in surface area over many standard basket trays allows

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Proportional microsize HV power supplies have improved voltage stability
Power Quality: 09 August 2012

UltraVolt announces its new PXS Series of proportional extra-small power supplies.

According to Ultravolt, vailable proportional devices challenge designers with poor output voltage stability and output voltage

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Expanded range of ATEX-certified stainless steel enclosures
Enclosures: 09 August 2012

Enclosure specialist Schroff is now offering new additions to the Zonex range of stainless-steel wall-mount enclosures, which are ATEX certified for housing electronic or electrical equipment in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous locations.

Manufactured by Hoffman, one of Schroff's sister

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Cost-effective busbar system for panel builders
Cable Management: 09 August 2012
Rittal’s RiLine60 is for panel builders and OEM’s looking to reduce costs. Adaptable for all leading manufacturers of distribution and control gear, timesaving assembly, versatile applications
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Breakthrough capacitive switch design deployed in high-end washing machines
Switches: 05 August 2012

Molex Incorporated has partnered with a multinational manufacturer of major appliances to develop capacitive touchpad panels for two high-end Class-A energy saving washing machines. Molex capacitive switches and panels

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Striped tube design with high acoustic transmitting properties
Security: 05 August 2012

An innovative design of striped tubes for the defence sector from Morgan Technical Ceramics offers lower frequency and increased drive for applications where high acoustic transmitting properties are required.

Intended for a variety of defence uses including anti-submarine warfare,

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Thermoelectric, Peltier-effect cooler for small enclosures needs little maintenance
Enclosures: 30 July 2012

New from electronics packaging specialist Schroff is the TE series thermoelectric cooler, which is designed to provide a reliable, low-maintenance cooling solution for small electronics enclosures.
Manufactured by McLean Cooling Technology, one of Schroff's sister companies within the

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Miniature linear drives and cabling sent to Coventry
Drives and Controls: 30 July 2012

Leading polymer specialist Igus UK is exhibiting the latest additions to its industry-leading energy chains and chainflex continuous-flex cables, as well its maintenance free range of linear guides and plain, spherical and linear bearings at this year’s Engineering Design Show. 

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Custom LED circuit assemblies offer many high volume production design options
Lighting: 30 July 2012

Blending expertise in light-emitting diodes and diverse circuit substrate options brings improved efficiency and reliability to LED lighting solutions across all industries
Molex has ramped up engineering and production to bring

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Industrial battery for UPS and high discharge rates
Batteries - Lead Acid: 24 July 2012

Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) has announced a new addition to its SWL family of industrial valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries with the launch of the SWL780V model.

Designed for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and similar high discharge rate applications, the new SWL780V follows the

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Blue to pink peelable masking resin
Automation: 24 July 2012

Following the growth trend in use of UV/visible light curable masking resins, Intertronics launches SpeedMask 726-SC from Dymax. This masking agent is formulated to provide excellent surface protection of turbine engine components,

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RF Coaxial Interconnect series expanded
Cables: 19 July 2012

Molex Incorporated and Radiall have announced the continued collaboration and expansion of their cost-effective SMP-MAX series with new symmetrical adapters and RF coaxial interconnect solutions for board-to-board, module-to-module and panel-to-panel telecom applications.  As a second

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Flexible cables for rail, lift and food
Cables: 19 July 2012
Recognising distinct cabling requirements in a variety of industry sectors was the inspiration behind Igus’ new Chainflex CF Special cable range, newly developed flexible cables which have been produced specifically for the rail, lift and food industries.
The new additions
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Simple plant modifications with universal modules
Automation: 19 July 2012

Eaton’s Electrical Sector has launched new universal modules for its SmartWire-DT communication system.
When functions have to be retrofitted on a plant, modifications to the hardware configuration and program expansions usually involve considerable costs. Eaton's

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Thermosetting resins for stator encapsulation in electro-mobility and industrial motors
Automation: 10 July 2012

Electric motors and generators are of increasing importance for industrial and automotive applications but they present a number of challenges that design engineers need to overcome. In this article, Dr Werner Hollstein from Huntsman Advanced Materials addresses these challenges and looks

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Draw rod alternative to draw tape
Cable Accessories: 10 July 2012

Greenbrook has made it quicker and easier for electrical contractors to install electrical cabling in hard to reach spaces with the launch of its new Norslo Draw Rod system.

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High-accuracy current measurement for electric vehicle battery packs
Batteries: 10 July 2012

State-Of-Charge (SOC) is a critical measurement function or the bateries used in Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs). During the driving cycle the battery is either driving the vehicle, or current flow is reversed in regenerative braking or charging, returning energy to

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Entry level UV curing for adhesives, coatings and inks
Automation: 10 July 2012

UV curing for adhesives, coatings and inks in the automotive, electronic, optical and medical device assembly industries can greatly speed production cycles, enhance quality and reduce piece part cost. Intertronics offers the

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One-piece 90 degree flexible shaft coupling accommodates angular misalignment
Automation: 04 July 2012

Most flexible shaft coupling designs rely on a number of moving parts to enable the transmission of torque through a high angular offset.  The greater the offset, the greater numbers of moving parts that are required to accommodate that misalignment. The more parts there are in a motion

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Mini dome series cameras have tiny HD Megapixel varifocal lens
Security: 04 July 2012

IQinVision has announced the H.264 varifocal (3.6-6mm) mini dome series. This unique, mini varifocal lens features a large objective lens element which significantly improves edge resolution while enabling larger field-of-view (FOV) and user flexibility. The ability to easily change camera

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Direct drive ironless linear motors - no coils for light weight
Motors: 04 July 2012

The Kollmorgen DDL, direct drive ironless linear motors, available from Heason Technology, have no slots for the coil windings. This design provides a very light mass, zero attractive forces between the coil assembly and the magnet way, and zero cogging.

These motors are ideal for

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Plastic screws for harder plastics
Automation: 04 July 2012

TR Fastenings has expanded its screws for plastics range with the introduction of the Plas-Fix 45 screw. This product has a 45-degree angle and Tri-lobular thread form, which makes it ideal for harder plastics.

TR also

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New additions to leadscrew drive range
Drives and Controls: 27 June 2012
Igus has introduced new products and line extensions to its comprehensive range of linear drive systems. The leadscrews and nuts are dry running, corrosion resistant and maintenance free, enabling precise and accurate linear motion over a long service life.
Drylin hard-anodised
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Modular power supplies meet latest medical approvals
Power Transformers: 27 June 2012

The TDK-Lambda Alpha 1000 Series (CA) modular AC-DC power supplies is now approved to IEC/EN 60601-1, ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No 60601-1-08 3rd Edition medical safety standards - this is in addition to the current approval to the 2nd Edition, ensuring full safety approval for

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High performance fluid dispensing system features patented syringe barrel
Automation: 27 June 2012

Intertronics introduces the Fisnar QuantX system to the UK, where it is expected to be of great value in any industrial or related application where a dispensing syringe barrel is used for application of materials.
The QuantX system features a patented syringe barrel which

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Microwave coaxial cables have low loss and improved bandwidth
Cables: 27 June 2012

Temp-Flex LLC, a subsidiary of Molex, has announced microwave coaxial cables designed for high-bandwidth applications using proprietary processes.  Temp-Flex low loss and ultra-low loss cables deliver faster speed and electrical

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Mercury vapour from broken lamps brought to safe levels
Lamps: 22 June 2012

mercury exposure if packages are opened with broken lamps or CFLs inside.”

Opening a package containing broken fluorescent lamps and/or CFLs presents a significant risk of mercury vapour exposure, potentially rising well above both the OSHA 8-hour permissible exposure limit of 100

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Iinfrared thermometer with dust, moisture and drop protection
Test and Measurement Equipment: 22 June 2012

Fluke has introduced the new Fluke 62 Max and 62 Max+ Infrared Thermometers. These rugged, accurate, easy-to-use test tools are dust, moisture and drop resistant, making them ideal for the harsh conditions faced by technicians in electrical, service, HVAC, process, industrial and facilities

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Pocket wiring manual sparks competition
Wiring Accessories: 22 June 2012

To mark the launch of the latest edition of its pocket wiring manual, Eaton has announced a competition to find the oldest copy of the book still in existence. The new publication is the latest successor to the popular Klöckner Moeller and Moeller Electric Wiring Manuals, the first of which

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Technical guide to cable trays
Cable Accessories: 22 June 2012
Legrand has launched a new technical guide for its Swifts cable tray that it feels will fast become an invaluable reference tool for those working with the range.
The new publication features in-depth technical advice
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