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Monday, 22nd April
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Skanska Rashleigh Weatherfoil Ltd Are FINED £60,000
02 July 2007

Skanska Rashleigh Weatherfoil Ltd Are FINED £60,000 IN FINES FOR BREACHING HEALTH AND SAFETY LEGISLATION at Alyesbury


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecuted Skanska Rashleigh Weatherfoil Ltd for breaches of health and safety law at Aylesbury Crown Court last week (15th June) they were fined £30,000 for breaching Section 2 (1)of HSWA and  a further £30,000 for breaching Section 3 (1) of HSWA and costs of  £13,369.45.


The Health and Safety Executive carried out an investigation after Mr John Brookes, Mr David Powell and Mr Noah Eastwood suffered electrical flash burns, following an incident on 22nd December 2005 in St Just House, Sunrise Parkway, Milton Keynes.


Mr Brookes, Mr Powell and Mr Eastwood (from Essex, Chelmsford and Tilbury) were carrying out work in the switchroom to upgrade the power supply. They were working on an Air Circuit Breaker (ACB), which they had switched off therefore ensuring the load side bus bars were dead. As the sub-station supplying the ACB had not been switched off the supply side bus bars were still live.


To form an insulator they placed a piece of Cordex between the supply and load bus bars. Cordex is a plastic corrugated material that is normally used to protect surfaces such as carpets and is not intended nor been tested as for use as an insulator.


To aid dexterity they removed their gloves to tighten the bolts securing the new cable, this resulted in either their hand or spanner coming into contact to a live bus bar.


It was found that site personnel of both Skanska and Wirepoint were not experienced in working on or close to live exposed equipment. Personal tools were used on site but were un-insulated as the men concerned had no requirement, for their normal work, to purchase more expensive insulated tools.


All three man were taken to Milton Keynes Hospital where Mr Brookes had burns to his right wrist, Mr Powell had to be transferred to Stoke Mandeville where he had to receive skin grafts for his left hand and back. Mr Eastwood was also transferred to Stoke Mandeville where he had skin grafts to his right hand and had impaired vision.


Skanska Rashleigh Weatherfoil Ltd is charged with a breach of section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSW Act) and Section 3 (1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.


Judge Cripps after the hearing said: Skanska’s system of management failed, there was no proper risk assessment or method statement prepared there was nothing in writing to the workman involved and there was failure in the management to follow procedure for H&S. Full credit for early plea and new procedures now in place.”




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